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Ray - 03/01/2023

Be God now. I am God. All this is God.

Ray - 01/01/2023

God is love. May all life visible and invisible ne at peace. May all be filled with loving kindness. May all be free of suffering. May all be happy and at peace. May all live life with ease. Amen

Annette - 21/11/2022

People use their heart to speak with honesty.

Sherisse - 10/11/2022

“Misunderstanding arising from ignorance breeds fear, and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.” ― Lester B. Pearson As within, so without - create knowledge in yourself, let go of fear, and embrace peace

Pamela - 07/11/2022

Since we can only change the world from within, I am committed to helping others discover their divine blueprint and being all that they are. I uplift humanity by sharing wisdom and practical guidance from the Blueprint for the Human Spirit, my guide for conscious, compassionate, authentic living. I encourage everyone to pursue a path of self-discovery and bring their actions, beliefs, and feelings into alignment with their knowings and their true spiritual Essence. With inner peace, we can create peace on Earth! And so it is! Pamela - 11/7/22

rick - 12/10/2022

We can create world peace but first we have to believe that we can. When enough people believe in world peace as a reality, then we will create it.