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Melissa - 28/01/2023

To continue to grow by adding Nepal in 2023. We are already supporting keeping girls in school in Uganda and Kenya, to stop teenage marriages, and to break the poverty cycle, 1 girl, 1 family, 1 village at a time. Another mission for 2023, is to provide menstrual pads to girls, so they don\'t miss a week of school every month. For only $20 you can provide enough reusable, washable pads to girls to get them through high school. We are focusing on the village of Buyaya Uganda, with 200 girls and 3000 girls from 12 selected schools in Kenya.

Vusi - 02/01/2023


judy - 03/11/2022

Life 101 Gal -Judy Cullins My intention is to educate myself and others willing on body-mind-spirit ways to live longer, live healthier, without pain on the sunny side of the street.

JD - 27/10/2022

Teach and train every human in at least the basics of Mental: Control, Health, Self-Defense & Performance

James - 25/10/2022

May we pass at least one piece of knowledge onto the next generation every day.

Saagar - 20/10/2022

I wish everyone from poor to rich should get the education. Education should be free for everyone.