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Mission Statement

The Tree of Positive Intentions is a global platform for contributing to the positive change’s humanity wants and needs to experience in the world. Positive intentions are defined by the belief that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet and there is only one real race… the human race.. and the main objective is to help create peace, prosperity and well-being for all of humanity.

It is the intention of The Tree of Positive Intentions to obtain millions of positive intentions on our tree which will create a high frequency energy field that will begin to change the hearts and minds of enough people so that these positive intentions become a reality.

This high-volume website will also offer world-wide exposure for our sponsors and donors.

There will be a Positive Intentions Podcast interviewing inspirational positive change leaders who are making a difference in the world. There will also be Facebook group where sponsors and members can connect, brainstorm and collaborate on positive projects.


If you are aligned with our mission to help create peace, prosperity and justice for all of humanity by how we interact with each other in the workplace, community and globally, we would love to partner with you. It is our intention to obtain millions of positive intentions that will help create the changes that we desire and deserve.

Tree of Positive Intentions Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsors and donors are defined as those who make a cash contribution and/or agree to promote The Tree of Positive Intention’s Mission Statement to their communities.
Angel Sponsors – $500 Donation
Angel Sponsors and Donors donations are the roots and foundation of the Tree that promote its growth and purpose.
Angel Sponsors receive:
  • A large display box with logo and link to their website on The Tree of Positive Intentions website.
  • Mentioned in all of the promotions including podcast and Facebook group.
 Inspirational Sponsors:
  • Agree to promote The Tree of Positive Intention to their communities to obtain a minimum of 50 intentions posted.
  • Receive a listing on the website with a link back to their site.
  • Have first opportunity to be interviewed on our podcast.
  • Have additional Facebook group privileges such as the ability to post videos.

Together we can create the changes
we all want to see in the world,
​sooner rather than later.

Rico Caveglia is founder of The Tree of Positive Intentions and can be contacted at: